Saturday, January 27, 2007

Have you signed the pledge, yet?

Over 26,000 Americans have promised they will not give a dime to the campaigns of those who support the resolution (binding or not) to thumb their noses at the commitment of more troops to the task in Iraq. Won't you join us in signing the NRSC Pledge?

It isn't about thwarting Bush-haters (that's just a bonus). This is about showing support for the troops, and about telling them that we will not support a Republican who can not stand up and speak for those troops.

I don't expect a Democratic member of the House or Senate to actually come out backing the very thing Harry Reid demanded less than six weeks ago -- their memories go back only as far as the last poll. But the Republican candidates should know better than to undermine the very thing their chosen field commander, Gen. Petraeus, has asked for.

If they can't back their own troops, the folks who do back the soldiers have an obligation to find somebody else to fill their positions. Put your signatures -- and your checkbooks -- where they will do the most good, today.

I said I expected nothing from the Demos. Still, there's a nifty response to Jim Webb's "rebuttal" speech, from a fellow USNA alum. via Hugh Hewitt. with fun, useful comments.

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