Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fire guts Monmouth house

Last evening, around 9 o'clock, the sirens went off downtown, signalling the need for volunteer firefighters, and that there was a call for assistance from neighboring municipalities' fire departments.

By the time the evening ended, I am informed, we had the help of the Yorkwood district (Little York and Kirkwood), the Roseville, and the Alexis FD all to help put out a house fire in northwest Monmouth, at 890 W. Boston Ave.

I approached gradually from the east, thinking the worst as I saw this, from a couple of blocks away
Monmouth Fire 28 Jan 2007
But as I drew up the nearer street (North "G" Street) I realized that the glow was primarily from the emergency vehicles.Monmouth Fire 28 Jan 2007.002

Monmouth Fire 28 Jan 2007.003

It was damnedly cold (6º F, with a strong wind bringing the wind chill down to -15 or -20º), but I climbed out of my car and walked west up the alley which runs mid-block, to find a couple of folks leaning against the fence -- they said the family who owns the house were staying next door while the house was being rewired...
I wonder who was doing the electrical work? Nobody knew, at that time (or today, either, as I asked around. There may be some serious issues, if it's any of the contractors I've seen around here).

Anyway, I took a few more pics Monmouth Fire 28 Jan 2007.004

Monmouth Fire 28 Jan 2007 .006

Monmouth Fire 28 Jan 2007.005 then made my way away from the frigid scene as the Firefighters got the blaze under control, just a little while later.

I returned to the scene at roughly 8 this morning -- it was still accursedly cold out there, at 0ºF and a wind chill putting perceived temp around -15 -- to get these images: After Fire, 29 Jan 2007.007

After Fire, 29 Jan 2007.008

I'm told that this house used to be owned by a barber named Johnson, who, at one time, rented a room to Richard Speck. Or else, he rented to Speck's brother. There was a debate among the gentlemen at the auction, this morning.

At any rate, the "official" word from those who listen to the police scanners is, the house is a total loss, everybody is fine.

The flag is still there. Battered, yet not beaten.
After Fire, 29 Jan 2007.009

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