Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gratuitous postcard: Congratulations on quitting!

Today is the annual Great American Smokeout. Quitting is hard work for anybody. It's harder still, when you're under a lot of external stress.
My bud, ex sailorette, has had her hands full, lately. She has a boatload of kids she's responsible for, plus she finally managed to get her sister a new place to stay (I have to admit, if I shared a house with either of my sisters, I don't know how long I'd be allowed to survive... and we actually like and respect each other), and just recently, her brother's Great Dane bitch had a dozen puppies for her first litter. Add to it that she's still at war with the Veterans Administration over simple things like installation of a wheelchair lift in her van, and proper medical treatment for her back and knees (including appropriate pain medications). And that's not even the half of her headaches!

So that's why I had to spread the word far and wide that she's gone for more than three weeks, now, without a smoke. She got a 'scrip for the patch (she said, the first couple of hours wearing it, it itched like nobody's business -- but since ex sailorette has been in the navy, I've cleaned up her language, here). Since she's maintained this nice, long time without smoke, even under all the excrement her life keeps handing her, I've decided she needs this card. (C'mon, pal, brag a little!) It's hard enough to quit when life is easy...

If you know of somebody else deserving of the same, on this, the day of the 29th annual Great American Smokeout, please feel free to share this with him or her. Our lungs will thank you all, too.

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