Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A really good Halloween scare from RWNH

Rick Moran seems to have recovered from his burnout in time to catch and study the latest scary stuff from the left, a Liberal Manifesto. Moran takes the manifesto apart piece by piece, from the usual "hateBush" mantra to the unmentioned constitutional rights, but he's at his best when he addresses their perspective on partisanship:
Now this is more like the liberalism we’ve come to know and love; irrational, incoherent, sloganeering instead of rational thought, gross exaggeration, and the inevitable contradictions – as in the authors generously “refusing to confine their criticisms to personalities” and then proceeding to do so by saying that the “Bush Administration disgraces America.”

But it is the calumnious statement that conservatives have “for decades, undermined government’s ability to act reasonably and effectively for the common good” that the authors reveal modern liberalism to be the collectivist nightmare they truly are. Any group or ideology that purports to speak for the “common good” in a country of such radically diverse interests, sects, races, creeds, and economic strata should be feared. Not only is the Manifesto saying that the American people are idiots because they have voted for conservatives consistently over the last quarter century, but that conservatives themselves are illegitimate guardians of the public trust with regards to the “common weal.”
It's nice to know where we stand.

When a majority speaks for itself, and the elite call them an obstruction to their plans for "the common good", I say, "More power to the obstructionists!" The common good should, in a democratic republic, be decided by the common man and woman, not by the sanctimonious twits who think they know are better than the rest of us. This is our society, too.

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