Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gratuitous postcard: Cleanup in aisle four

Postcard: Disinfecting Squad, Camp Wadsworth
Call out the Disinfecting Squad!
(Click on image for larger version, and Flickr page with further info about this card.)

Back to light blogging, again, due in part to a wee bout with food poisoning last evening. Okay, so it wasn't wee, it was something else. But just don't eat day-old sandwiches from the grocer's deli section. Trust me on this.


Tricia Leonard said...

Sorry to hear about the sandwich. Lizz caught whatever I had, was squeaking yesterday, but is sounding human again today.
Hope you are feeling better.
Ford says he has been looking for you for a while.
It was really good to see you.


leucanthemum b said...

It was great seeing you again, too! And I had a lot of fun meeting Lizz, as well. As Mom says, come down any time -- there's plenty of room for you & yours.

I'm told I missed a call from Ford the other night, due to my illness and Dad's deafness (a comedy of errors). Pass on my apologies, & let him know I'm keeping daytime hours (10-5:30) if he wants to try again. Or he can e-mail me via the addy in my profile, here. I don't always get phone messages, but I ALWAYS check e-mail.