Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A little useful information

On Sunday, while at my regular service (an auction), I received (bought) (surprise, surprise!) a book or two. Okay, it was a whole bunch of books. But I only kept a few, because I'm running out of room in my house, and Dad won't let me bring any over here unless I think he'd be interested in reading them, himself. Needless to say, Dad's a picky reader. Therefore, I rarely bring him anything (although a month ago I found 2 Ivan Doig trade paperbacks he enjoyed). Therefore, the only books I bring home, these days, are kids' books for deniece and denephews, and the occasional cookbook to add to Mom's extensive collection.


Cookbook it is.

This time, I found one of those plastic-spiral-bound community cookbooks (you know the sort -- churches, office groups, clubs and such have them published by some company which advertises in the back of women's magazines). And, this one is pretty darned groovy. It was published in 1980 by, of all people, "The Remotivators of Galesburg Mental Health Center". In other words, by the sorts of people who take care of the sorts of people I am.

And they do know their stuff. Aside from the recipes and substitution charts, they include, in the early pages, this:
First Aid 4 Poisoning

The recipes include such exotic Midwestern treats as "Ham Balls", "Frank-Stuffed Tomatoes" (it's hot dogs sliced and put into termaters... not the naughty thing your mind wandered toward), "Mountain Dew Salad" (a Jell-o Pudding treat), "Sauerkraut Cake"and "Lemonade Salad" using Ritz crackers, Cool Whip, frozen lemonade, sugar, butter, sweetened, condensed milk, and food coloring...

Hmmm, upon studying the recipes, maybe the above, pictured page isn't an "aside from", but rather, a requisite inclusion.

After all, some of us might be crazy enough to try Tomato Soup Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

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