Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Catblog: chaos and memories

This morning as I was dragging my sorry carcass out of bed, I heard quite a din outside the window. Seeing as how I was not dressed for opening curtains and frightening the world with an unfortunate glimpse of my unclad self, I decided to wait until I could dress and go out to inspect the grounds, to find out what had happened.

I then promptly forgot about it. After all, I live surrounded by cats and flower pots. And, after all, it wasn't the sort of house-rattling ruckus that is made by a tree falling on a porch roof.

But when I exited the house, the front sidewalk was strewn with potting soil and pot shards. Two ceramic pots and one plastic one had been upended. I turned to accuse the wee beasties, but they had nothing to say.

Then my neighbor, across the street, came over to apologize for his dog, Max. Max had gotten off his leash and had done what any self-respecting Labrador Retriever would do when confronted by a yard full of cats: he chased them. In the process, he knocked over the flower pots, upended the chair and table on the porch, and tore up a small chrysanthemum I had my doubts about, anyway.

Max got himself locked up (poor guy), and the cats were skittish the rest of the morning. Naturally, I couldn't persuade them to vogue for me. So I came here to Mom's thinking I'd have no pictures for my Friday Catblog.

But Mom had just finished organizing her pics from her recent adventure out west, the last few days of which she stayed with my brother and his family.

I've never met the majority of the animals in their house out there in the Denver area. I've only heard tell, until now, when I have photographic evidence that Mom has not exaggerated in her description of the size of Buddy,
and J.R.
J.R. with Pete

What does all this have to do with catblogging? I hear you cry... Well, to be honest, very little. Except that while she was there, she took a picture of one of my old bedmates, Kahli,
Kahli who stayed behind when TiGrr, Shade and I moved back to IL. I have missed her, and worried that she was not getting enough cuddles (after all, she didn't have a bunch of feline siblings to boss around), but it seems she's still fairly happy where she is... even if she does have to share the house with two boys and three dogs. She's a sweet-natured roly-poly, just like her cousin Peanut, over here in IL.

I kinda miss her.
(dog pictures posted at Mom's Flickr site, cat at mine)

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