Wednesday, October 11, 2006

College & university students need to read this

And so do many professors.

John Palmer, at EclectEcon, has re-posted an open letter to his students, about university expectations. I think it covers almost everything one might need about advanced study -- including behavior while drinking, and this really useful info:
This is for the boys: I'm hetero.

This is for the girls: If you are flunking my class, do not make sly little suggestions about what you might do to earn a passing grade. You are flunking my class — why should I think your performance would be better in any other areas?

But I can't accept this particular conclusion:
Besides, I'm too old to care.
It's my understanding of the healthy male (and most healthy females) that "too old to care" about sex translates to "six feet under". And, even then, there are rumors...

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