Friday, September 15, 2006

Arachnophobe's nightmare, Friday Catblog style

Sacrosanct egestion! Some family in Ohio has a six-inch spider claiming their porch!
And I thought I had spider issues!

But wait -- I do. Now that the weather is cooling down, all the BAHSes* are coming indoors and amusing the cats. It used to be that, when a BAHS came in, Tiger would turn it into bits of chitin and a few spots of goo. Usually, those remnants were left as a gift, upon my pillow.

Now that Tiger has become a dignified, middle-aged fellow, he doesn't go on the hunt so much for those things. TiGrr annoyed with camera flashes In fact, most evenings, when I come home, he just sits there, on my lap, staring at me. It's as though he thinks I don't give him enough lap time... and I certainly don't spend enough time brushing his fine, handsome coat.

Still, the night before last, he caught him a katydid the size of a Harlequin Romance novel, I think. It took him the better part of an hour to do the thing in... during which I was trying to watch "Bones". TiGrr was out in the hallway outside the bedroom, Tarzanning over the not-quite-dead insect: "Mow-wow-wow-wow? Mow-WOW?" and swishing his tail against the wall so hard it thumped. Eventually he tracked the injured beast into the bedroom, where he and it attracted the attention of Peanut.

TiGrr doesn't like to share his prey.

Within a few seconds, he took the Katydid -- sans one leg -- out into the hall and finished it off with a lick of his chops.

And it didn't even upset his noble-hunter tummy.

But he left alone the BAHS which towered over my throne. I had to dispatch that one, myself, with a jet blast from the Fire Swamp (the canned, non-scorching variety from Farm King intended for use on ants, roaches, and BAHSes but largely harmless to other critters).

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*BAHS: Big A** Hairy Spider. Not unrelated in spirit to the ROUS.

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