Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Catblog: Adventures of a Kali Baby

KaliBabies cave
This ostensibly dull little corner of my front porch was the subject of much fuss last night. When I came home, there was a loud squeak coming from behind the blanket, behind the boxes... and all three of the adult female cats seemed distressed (instead of just one).
Wand'ring Mewstrel
It seems that this little character, one of Kali's first litter, had gotten up the strength to scoot its one-week-old anatomy out of the nest in the top of this box, and had fallen down behind the boxes, behind the shelf, where none of the others could reach. I had to pull apart everything to get my hand around it, to bring it back up to its proper snuggle spot.
KaliBabies  together again
It took the kids a while
KaliBabies trying to settle in
KaliBabies almost there.
get settled
But, in the end, the fidgeting appeared to have been worth it.

And they all lived happily every after... at least until the next feeding time, around midnight. OY! what a racket they made out there!

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