Monday, May 01, 2006

Survey says men are selfish in bed

Okay, just kidding. But a worldwide survey indicates a basic truth women have known for generations: men are happier with their sex lives than women are with theirs. So, what does this tell us, guys?

We've been faking it!

The article goes on to say, near the end, that one of the problems with this survey is, "
People who hadn't been sexually active in the past year weren't included in some of the results, including those related to sex's impact on overall happiness."

Personally, I see this as a fairly major flaw. Many people lead extremely happy celibate lives, and a few of us discovered that leaving sex out of the equation actually allows opportunities to find a more intriguing intimacy in our relationships. Plus, the choice to lead lives without that much-touted contact gives us freedom from flamingly insipid conversations, and lets us think about things other than our private parts and pregnancy/disease prevention. For quite a few of us, abstention from sex has led to much greater happiness, because it allows us a sort of rhythmic balance in our otherwise chaotic lives.

Don't get me wrong -- I've been madly in love with a wonderful guy, and we had lots of fun dancing nightly in the Hotel Sheets, but it wasn't ever the sex that made him special beyond all others. It was the way he made me think and the way he made me laugh. It was his mind and his smile.

The sex was a bonus, and that was all.

And, as I learned while waiting tables at a greasy spoon cafe, you can't plan your budget around just your tips.

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