Thursday, April 06, 2006

What I'm learning from Site Meter

After reviewing the detailed stats from my hit counter , I've reached the conclusion that the majority of people who seek out by blog, here, have come because somebody didn't teach them how to pronounce and spell "drawings". Probably two-thirds of those who actively sought my page via google seemed to be looking for images and/or art instructions. This has me perplexed, because I can't think of anywhere I've been in which it's commonplace to pronounce "drawings" with an "l" in the middle of it, as "drawlings".

So, if you're coming here thinking you will see something to do with illustration, I fear you will continue to be disappointed. My artwork, by and large, is not going to be posted here (although I may occasionally post it at no holds bard), and I am not so much drawling on this site as I am when I try to speak -- and since I've come back to western Illinois, my drawl has started to slide more into twang.

I do, however, recall a day when I was told I was a really good drawer, and my first response was to wonder which dresser or desk I was built into...

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