Saturday, April 08, 2006

Save your business for Monday

Stop The ACLU suggests we save any and all voluntary business until Monday (when we should also avoid wearing white) in response to Illegal Immigration Supporters' Plan General Strike for April 10th.

I can't say I will do no business between now and Monday, because my favorite activity is attending the region's auctions every Sunday (it's where I pick up all the best books and postcards), but I certainly will do my derndest to make my voice heard on Monday. I believe I shall dress myself in red, white, and blue, and see if I can't find a rally down in Peoria Peoria's Glen Oak Park, A.D. 1912
or up in the Quad Cities to stand against, with a sign reading, "I support LEGAL immigration".

If I can get myself there.

If not, I'll have to settle for blogging.

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