Thursday, April 13, 2006

For seal hunters v. tree-huggers, turnabout is fair play

Three cheers for the seal hunters!

From the Beeb: Hunters 'blockade' seal activists in their Quebec hotel, so that the protestors can't interfere in the culling.

And, of course, the anti-hunt people are crying "foul" because the police won't protect them if they leave the hotel...

Usually, I don't think terribly highly of having dead things draped about me. Under normal circumstances, I like cute fuzzy critters to keep breathing (and in many cases, purring) as much as the next girl, but every once in a while, that streak of Cruella DeVille comes out, and I want them thar cute fuzzy critters made into a really nice winter cape. Mostly it happens when some PETA PITA* tells me it's wrong to wear fur.

*Pain In The Asterisk

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