Friday, April 28, 2006

Catblog Friday: Furfur in Eden

Furfur In Eden

See all that lovely tall grass around Furfur? It's going away, today. My bestest friend Mari and I will be mowing and then tilling up most of the yard, this weekend. So, instead of having a veldt for the lion's pride to settle onto, they will have one great big soft dirt pile to turn into a litter box.

And they'll probably uproot everything I try to plant, as well. But that's okay. After all, they're the ones who own the land, aren't they?

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Update: As of 4:30 pm today, CoCoPuff Tortoise Shell as Camouflage is the contented mother of four squeaky little sausages. I hope to have pix early next week (when I remember to take my camera through the garden again, and when she lets me near enough to them again).

Update II (Saturday, 2 p.m.):

Little Sausages 29 Apr.2006


Jelly said...

That 1st picture is gorgeous! And cute kittens!

Leigh said...

That first picture is just beautiful :)