Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where the wild things are

Well, where this wild thing was, anyway... I've been fairly busy, this week, from spending my barely recovered energies and limited funds at an all-day auction (whereat I purchased the postcard I showed in an earlier post... does one have to send a card through the postal services before posting a postcard in order to post a postcard? How much posting can a postcard tolerate? but I digress) to Monday lying in bed and recovering from my radical Sunday behavior to Tuesday attending the monthly meeting of the Warren County Doll Club (of which somebody suckered me into becoming treasurer) to this morning attending the meeting of Old Friends Talk Arts (OFTA) which featured a lecture and presentation by Western Illinois University's emeritus prof of philosophy, Won Moo Hurh. He didn't lecture on philosophy, though, except briefly and indirectly. His presentation was a lively, interesting, and informative background on Chinese calligraphy, from its origins 2-3000 years ago to the modern apps and variations throughout Asia today. He offered a few personal insights, from his life in Korea under Japanese occupation to his more recent rediscovery of the meditative qualities of Asia's pictographic/ideographic lettering. After his lecture, Mom & I stayed around the Buchanan Center for the Arts to look at the current exhibit of works by two regional artists, Paulette Thenhaus and Janice Owens. Me likey. Thenhaus has created a cheerful, whimsical series of paintings I could easily see in my own home, and Owens assembled glass, fine papers, and other materials to create some delicious designs in color and texture -- it's like nothing but dessert for the eyes, at the BCA this month.

Of course, I'm not allowed to play all day, so I had to come home & do a few chores, darn it. I don't see why those cats can't clean their litter boxes on their own. Maybe I should toilet train them like that ball of grey fluff featured in the movie "Meet the Parents" (may God help me, I actually almost enjoyed that flick). Anyway,I'm out of touch with the news, since I got myself bitten by the influenza a couple of weeks ago. All I've heard about, by and large, is the local stuff, which only serves to make me giggle, and whatever the networks feel inclined to spoon-feed us.

I'm looking forward to surfing again, finding out what really has been going on in the world.

Ah, for the quiet life I moved to this one-horse town to find...

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