Saturday, March 18, 2006

Regional media makes big deal over Evans' health

Pretty much all the press agencies in and around the Quad Cities have been running stories like this one, all a-flutter because Lane Evans missed a bunch of votes due to his Parkinson's Syndrome.

Well, dammit, I was relieved that he missed those votes! This boil on the bum of Forgottonia has done nothing worthwhile for our region -- or for our country, when you get right down to it -- since the day he was first elected, lo, these many years ago.

More to the point, he's done nothing for my female veteran friends, whose standard benefits they've had to fight tooth and nail to gain, and when they needed further help, Evans sat on his I-look-like-the-guy-Rick-Moranis-played-in-Ghostbusters hands and did nothing. It took a State Representative's office to get my friends the medical help they needed via the VA's nightmarish, labyrinthine bureaucratic system. Evans -- who sits on the Veteran's Affairs Committee and thereby sells himself as the best friend Illinois veterans could ask for -- was useless.

Maybe, instead of making a fuss over how his health has affected his attendance record, the local and regional papers could dredge up his actual voting record, and see how much good he's not done for us over the past decade and change: he's voted consistently in the pocket of pro-abortion groups, with nary a look into the other side of the issue; he's voted repeatedly and with vigor against small business interests -- against business interests in general, except where the business was a government contractor's; his record puts him fairly squarely as a "yes-man" for any group which perceives itself to be suffering from racism or other prejudice (unless it's a white Christian group); Citizens Against Government Waste rates him as a prototypical let's-throw-money-at-every-problem-except-the-military-ones liberal... I could go on all day, but Project Vote Smart can give you the numbers much more clearly than I can.

If Evans doesn't see fit to retire, for his health or any other reason, we should help him reconsider... at the polls.

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