Saturday, March 18, 2006

Is this related to recent Blogger problems?

I just stumbled across this article at New Scientist -- Ultra-fierce DoS computer attacks on the rise:
A shattering new form of the "denial-of-service" computer attack could be on the rise, according to a company that controls some of the internet's core infrastructure.

In a conventional DoS attack, computers are used to send an overwhelming amount of data to a target machine, disguised as legitimate network traffic. This barrage prevents genuine messages from reaching the target and can even cause its servers to crash. Such attacks are sometimes used to extort money from commercial websites that depend on being online to operate.

I know I have been having problems with blogger telling me my own blog doesn't exist, then telling me I'm denied access to my own blog, then fifteen minutes later telling me I can post, but I can't read, then some other nonsense... and, according to Captain Ed and Michelle Malkin, I'm not the only one who has been frustrated, this week. I just can't help but wonder how I fell into the same category of sufferers as these bigger guys' pals... being merely a slimy mollusc (I like to think of myself as one of the cephalopods, rather than the gastropodae, although my hunger may tell me otherwise), I shouldn't have felt a thing...

Unless this DoS attack thingy is why I''m not way up among the higher beings. My tentacles sense a conspiracy.

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