Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Locals still in a tizzy over stupid cops

It looks like some of the fine citizens of Monmouth don't think it's enough that thestate police is taking a closer look at our local cops and their shenanigans. We had bit of a verbal dust-up at and after the city council meeting last night, and it doesn't look as though hard feelings have been softened much.

I have to wonder, what do the people of this community expect of our police force, when we can barely scrape up enough cash to pay them a decent wage, and we're out in the boonies where there's little for a non-self-starting mind to play with? It's not as if police forces anywhere in the world attract the brightest bulbs on Broadway, after all. Why does it shock these people that a handful of our law enforcement officers behaved in an adolescent fashion when they thought it wouldn't hurt anybody? Not that what they did -- and didn't do -- was all that righteous, either, but what our cops are is not bad... they're just not brilliant and they're not the upright and righteous individuals we always fantasize about having cover our sixes.

Complain and investigate until the Prime Beeves come home, the city of Monmouth should not have high expectations of a force which hires men dim enough to fail to understand that having their photos taken (in uniform, in one case) with drunken underage girls might not be such a good idea.

We get what we pay for.

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