Sunday, March 12, 2006

I heart Huckabee

Okay, I realize it's still about a year premature, but as long as people in the media are already starting to pick the President's replacement in 2008, I might as well pop in and offer my own thoughts (shallow though they are, today). Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas looks better by the day, as a strong fiscal conservative who seems to have done some very good work in his home state. I wish I could say I approved of my own gov, but Blago is as big an embarrassment as his predecessor, and has probably done more damage to IL, in the long run (families killed by theRyan admin's illegally licensed drivers notwithstanding).

I started hearing mention of Huckabee on some of the conservative blogs like LGF, back when somebody ran a survey last year, and little by little, he's grown on me. He's kinda goofy looking, but then, so is our current prez, and I'm kinda getting used to his face, so I don't really see too big a problem, there.

And, on the plus side, who could resist a ready-made campaign slogan like the one I posted in the header?

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