Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tailor-printed shoes will offer a perfect fit - Technology

The new print-and-cut technology could end years of pain and frustration at the shoe stores.

My bestest friend has been desperately trying to find me a pair of good, sturdy, well-fitting footwear since she discovered some cool runners while on vacation. Sadly, I have freaky feet, with really high arches and insteps, a narrow, short heel, and stubby little toes at the end of a really wide, high ball of the foot. With very little effort, I can make my feet look identical to the feet of one of those troll/Wishnik dolls with the creepy faces and the cheezy neon fake fur hair. It seems they don't make shoes for humans with troll toes.

Naturally, I've always hated shoe shopping. This new technological application, where they print the layers of a custom shoe in the back room of the store, may change my view. Unless the shoe salesman notices my weird widdle piddies and starts to giggle. Then I'll just have to stab him with a stiletto heel. Custom printed.

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EclectEcon said...

I, too, have troubles finding shoes that fit, and unfortunately Zappos won't ship to Canada. Here's hoping this process continues to evolve for the consumer market, and quickly!