Thursday, February 16, 2006

Study supports Grandma's advice

New Scientist reports that a recent study says 'Sleeping on it' best for complex decisions. They're saying that decisions we make in the conscious mind don't always catch the important factors -- it's okay to buy a loaf of bread without relaxing the mind & letting the pieces fall into place, but when you're talking about life-changing decisions, the advice to let your mind rest awhile without focusing on the BIG THING helps you to rearrange your thoughts into a pattern which guides you better.

Of course, being bipolar means also having sleep disorders, so I'm just grateful all my big decisions are made by mommy and daddy and the shrinky, because my brain is 'way too scattered to sort out the sensible personal stuff... Oh, sure, I can reason through politics and law and mortgages and silly, niggling stuff like that, but ask me to match my shoes to my dress, and I'm gonna have to ask somebody, "Do I own a dress?"

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