Friday, January 06, 2006

Ti Grr's on My Lap.

Tiger's on My Lap.02 copy, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

This here is Mister Grrr. If you are a close acquaintance of his, you are apt to call him Ti Grrr. We have, on occasion, misspelled his name, so that it resembles a thing with stripes, but recently he corrected me. The giganto-big stripey things do not sit on laps. They also do not sit inside your pants when you are inconveniently situated on the throne. Mister Grrr Does.

Mister Grrr seems to particularly like curling up in trousers as they are around your ankles, on those mornings when you are on a tight schedule. Like this morning.

He does not appreciate it when you laugh and call him a silly snugglebug or an adorable fluffpuff cuddlekins. He especially does not like it when you stand up once he has comfortably curled up in a pair of carpenter's jeans. He will do much more than simply give you this look.

I will soon be a majority holder in an unnamed adhesive bandage company.

Since today is Friday, if you pop over to Modulator, for Friday's Ark, and if you have catpix or stories, remember to submit them to the Carnival of the Cats. This Sunday, the Carnival arrives at pages turned. Hop on over & get acquainted.

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