Monday, December 12, 2005

Why I'm glad my family's not famous

Successful son says famous father has "lost it".

Chris Wallace, of FOX news, says his father, Mike Wallace, of See BS, is -- seriously -- just about due for a competency hearing. I think that's really sad. Not so much that Mike and Chris aren't seeing eye to eye, or that the son believes his father needs serious help. That happens.

What is sad is that it has become a public discussion, thanks to Newsmax and bloggers like Michelle Malkin. Please, consider: I enjoy Michelle Malkin's blog for the number of issues she has dealt with in-depth, over the past couple of years since I found her blog. Nevertheless, I get the sense she's crowing over this Wallace family trouble.

I can't imagine what it would have been like for my family, just over a decade ago, if the media had been all over them for my behavior and my bipolar diagnosis. It's hard enough living with somebody who has a serious mental problem (hard enough to live with yourself, in those circumstances). The thought that your private struggles, humiliations, and frustrations should be fodder for the media (sorry, Newsmax and Malkin) is horrifying, and would be more than a little counterproductive.

It is cruel.

Sadly, that's 98% of what news is. Someone, somewhere is suffering, and that makes a headline.

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