Saturday, December 10, 2005

Former Senator Eugene McCarthy has died

According to this Fox news report, one of the men most greatly responsible for our modern slant on warfare -- in particular, on Vietnam and the evil, evil American military agenda has slipped off this mortal coil.

I'd like to wax nostalgic over him, as a solid Midwesterner, but I can't really say much good about Eugene McCarthy. Just about the only thing he ever stood for, in his career, that I can still support, is his opposition to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act (BCRA). But even his reason for opposiotion was, as far as I'm concerned, wrong: He was against it because he knew that big corporate donations were the only way a Liberal could get himself elected, and not because it flew in the face of the First Amendment to the US constitution.

I'm sorry. I'm speaking ill of the dead, and that's crass. I will stop now, and simply say, may he rest in peace. And may the anti-American anti-war movement (not necessarily the people, just the fool attitudes) he helped generate follow him, soon.

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