Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One more reason to love my mommy

Mom watches FOX News a lot. She's pretty much caught between "real news" and sports, with a smattering of the Beeb for entertainment, and refuses to watch just about everything else on the air, today.

So, this afternoon, FOX has some activist "educators" from Florida pressing to mandate the teaching of Spanish to all grade-schoolers, citing the reason, "learning a second language can improve your abilities to understand much more", or some comparable "phrase-ology" (thank you, Meredith Wilson). Mom hears their arguments, comes steaming up the stairs to repeat them, and at the end of her explanation, says to me, "They wanna teach another language? Fine! let 'em teach Latin!"

If only I could remember enough of my own Latin classes to express just how my mom ROCKS!

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