Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An essay worth reading

Thanks to lgf for bringing to the forefront this essay by Theodore Dalrymple:The Suicide Bombers Among Us

After my lefty friend posted his always-blame-America rant, I was deprived of sufficient words to rebut him. I'm always frustrated when he goes off on these tears, because he's otherwise a rational human being, but somehow he seems to have never paid attention in history classes... such as when they discussed, say, the formation of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmmir, and all as separate from India -- and the religious assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi...

As if America invented all the centuries of hatred between Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and all the others... As if America invented all the centuries of rage and despair on the opposite side of the globe, in Iraq and Afghanistan and Egypt and Israel and all those other ancient sand-filled lands, just so we would always have an excuse to make war for our own happiness... As if America were twelve decades older than it really is.

He seems convinced that India was a haven of bliss and serenity until we sent troops into Afghanistan.

He could be right. If Harry Turtledove were God.

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