Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Obama needs to have his ears cleaned out

According to the AP article in the Sun-Times, Obama calls for troop reduction in Iraq, while he "criticized the Bush administration for questioning the patriotism of people who speak out against the war."

He apparently did not hear where EVERY DANGED ADMIN OFFICIAL said something to the effect that questioning the involvement in the war was acceptable and even patriotic, LYING about it in order to gain political points was neither.

And, only one politician used the word "cowardly" in reference to Murtha's rash public demands of last week... she promptly retracted that, with apologies for her poor choice of words. Murtha very well should have been criticized for his repeated demands, in his speeches, for "immediate withdrawal of the troops". Has he apologized for his own reckless tongue? So , where the aytch-ee-double-toothpicks does Obama point his partisan fingers on this one?

And, he's doing the little dance where he tries to say that there is no plan for gradual withdrawal from Iraq, unless it comes from the Dems... Except that Bush & Co have already told us the schedule of events. Does Obama really think we're so dense? Maybe we are. We got stuck voting him in.

I am SO ashamed of my state, for its choice of senators.

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