Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The lamb may rise again on Broadway

According to Phil Collins, a Genesis reunion is possible. I have very fond memories of some of the stuff they released while Peter Gabriel was still at the front of the band. Not to go into details, but "Supper's Ready" was playing on the stereo when one of life's sweeter passages took me, and I still have a Mona Lisa smile when I hum the opening lines in the shower.

If I had money, I'd pay plenty of it to see a reunion concert... of course, they're older, too, so they may no longer have the same power I remember. They may have the same faded appeal that the old romance does -- it sounds good in theory, but when you come face to face, nine times out of ten, you're disappointed. Still, you always go, on the chance that this is that last 10%.

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