Monday, November 07, 2005

AP shows its bias once again

This AP report on victims of the tornado in IN indicates their surprise that authorities would count a "fetus" among the dead: "The deaths in Warrick County included Cheryl Warren — a dental assistant who was eight months pregnant — her 4-year-old son, Isaac, and her husband, Jeremy, a truck driver. Authorities there also were counting as a fifth death the woman's fetus."

I dunno about these guys, but just because something isn't breathing air into its lungs does not make it nonliving, and, therefore, the cessation of its growth and development can be considered a death sans quotation marks.

On a side note, my folks were driving south across KY, late Saturday, on their way to an Elderhostel in GA. I'm assuming that, since nobody from any state office or from the lodge in which they were staying has called to inquire after them, that the old adage is true: No news is good news. Still, if you see Peter and Marilyn Kloeppel in passing over the next couple of days, lay some guilt on with a trowel.

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