Saturday, November 05, 2005

Coke ditches three flavours in US

According to the Beeb, Coke ditches three flavours in US -- Vanilla, Diet Vanilla, and Diet with Lemon, and plans to replace them with Black Cherry Vanilla (ecch) counterparts.

One of the reasons I drink Coke products is because they're not too sweet. Sadly, I fear I'm in the minority, here, since they've followed the market toward this medicinal dulcitude.

I'm going to have to take up some other vice, soon.

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EclectEcon said...

I quite liked Diet Vanilla Coke, and when it became hard to find, I "cellared" a 2 litre bottle and a 12-pack of cans.

For the rough, raw taste of original Coke but with no calories, you might try Coke Zero. It' my Coke of choice these days.