Thursday, October 13, 2005

Working on increasing poverty levels

Combine this report, indicating a high number of unwed mothers, with Dick Durbin's plan to increase taxes on oil, and see how many more Americans will be forced to suckle at the gummint teat in the near future. Woo hooo! Statistically, the majority of the poor in this country are single women with children (or so the census would have us believe). So, the more the merrier, right? Then, redistribute what little wealth the rest of the country has by driving up the initial costs of fuel so that the working poor won't be able to afford to drive any more, so they won't be able to get to work, so they will get fired, so they will have to go on the dole, so the gummint will have to raise the taxes again, so that corporations won't be able to afford to stay in business in this country, so they'll relocate overseas, so more Americans will go on unemployment...

Meanwhile, the girls keep reproducing like mindless bunnies, with no thought of restraint or, jeez, birth control (thanks to the defective condoms from Family Planning clinics and thanks to educational programs in which liberals won't allow teachers to suggest abstention as a preferred method). Lots more poor babies born, with mommies barely scraping by enough to feed them via WIC and food stamps (okay, it's not stamps any more, it's LINK cards). Raise more taxes to feed them all. Drive more businesses overseas. Make more welfare babies, raise more taxes, whoopee!

Good plans, liberals! We ought to be right up there, equal to Cuba's economy in no time!

(I almost forgot: hat tip to Illini Pundit)

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