Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The news from Kashmir, Pakistan, India is not good

According to Gateway Pundit, the numbers of casualties as a result of the quake keep climbing. They've already capped 24,000 confirmed dead, and they have yet to reach many cities and villages near the epicenter. Like GP, I'd like to recommend that, if you have it in your heart to drop a little more into the bucket from your already struggling purse, please send it to The Salvation Army, at its South Asia Zone Fund. I wish I were able to recommend giving to the International Red Cross, but they're a little too anti-West, a little too political for my tastes. However, if you can give anything to any office you feel is trustworthy, please consider doing so.

The world is having a bad year. I'd like to think we can make it a little better, if we only apply ourselves.

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