Tuesday, October 04, 2005

There's tolerance, and then there's Britain?

CNN reports that there is a move to change the British flag to cater to the hurt feelings of the Muslim population:Race fears spark St. George ban

I dunno. If the Muslims in GB can't handle the actual historical background for the presence of the Cross of St. George on the flag of the land, and they can't cope with the flag as such, then perhaps they have chosen the wrong country in which to live. Wouldn't they be happier someplace a little less... um... uh... tolerant?

And, if the Brits actually buckle under these demands, as they have over the presence of Piglet on a hankersniff box, then there is no hope for this planet. We have all gone too far down the road to Bendover.

(oops -- forgot to give credit where it is due: H/T to lgf)

Update: Mom reminds me of the days when we worked at the World's Largest Living History Museum, that the guidelines for our job required, and I quote, "FLEXIBILITY". We used to all mutter under our breaths that there's a fine line between flexiblity and contortions.

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