Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So, ya wanna start something?

The Galesburg Register-Mail shares the news of an upcoming WIEDP Financial Incentives Resource Fair , designed to introduce entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, and others to the world of State Assistance programs, to be held at the Lake Storey Pavilion on 20 Oct, around the lunch hour.

It looks as though even the inept and annoying Lane Evans will be there to show us out here how to apply for -- and get -- stuff at the taxpayers' expense. Cool. I'll probably go, since I'm trying to figure out how to earn money by cleaning out my house (without losing the character the cardboard boxes of precious books imparts to the property). Who knows? I may even find somebody willing to help me set up a corporation with my name attached, so I can appear legit, when I hand out business cards.

It's kinda hard to look responsible, when somebody asks you what you do for a living, and you smilingly say, "I cadge off my parents." Even when you have a couple of handicaps (like crunchy knees and being nuts), folks tend to view that sort of thing as immature and selfish (although, what's wrong with selfish, if it means you get to carry on intelligent conversations daily with your parents?) especially when you're past that crucial 40th birthday by a few.

So, I'll head off to learn more about being a grown-up. Unless something more fun comes along. Like Homecoming weekend, or some such. heh heh heh.

If you're in the area, and you're looking for a way to overcome that problem we have with all those businesses going belly-up and leaving their factory workers at loose ends, maybe you, too can pop on over to Galesburg's Lake Storey Pavilion & ask a few questions. Hey, if you've paid any taxes over the past decade or more, you've earned this opportunity.

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