Sunday, October 23, 2005

Scots pummel Illinois College at HC game

Okay, so this is yesterday's news, but it could explain why so many people were less inclined, last evening, to have a sedate cup of tea or coffee, and why the local bars were filled with rowdy, cheerful sorts of people... or, maybe it was just the general homecoming cheer, and I'd just slept through it last year. We couldn't have slept, this year. Friday night, they had a big-ol' bonfire and fireworks, and the explosions a-skeer'd my kitties so badly there was no rest for about... well, I'll be heading to bed in the next hour or so....


So far, the alma mater's undefeated on the gridiron, this season. I don't recall that they've been anything close to that strength since the less-than-saintly days when I was a student and I had friends on the team.

While I was at auction, today, I bought a dozen or so ceramic and glass mugs -- the tall beer mugs, roughly a liter each, and one that's easily 1.5 liters -- with "coats of arms" for Monmouth College and Theta Chi. I thought it was an appropriate way to celebrate. Now all I have to do is fill them all up & drink them all down, the way I used to, all those years ago. Except, I think my tolerance for alcohol has diminished over time. Anybody care to come hoist one for me, before this old lady falls asleep? The party animal is just about retired, I guess.


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