Friday, October 28, 2005

Judge halts 'suspicionless' pat-downs at Bucs games

Thanks to this column by Joel Mowbray, I've just learned of one of the dumbest darned judges in this country. It seems that the ACLU has filed suit blocking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' security people from patting down fans as they enter the stadium.

I guess this judge hasn't heard of suicide bombers? He hasn't heard about the student who just blew himself up outside the Oklahoma University's stadium? He hasn't heard that you can't "just eyeball" a person and tell that he's wearing an explosive vest?

And, the jackass who filed the suit via the American Criminal Lawyers Union hasn't quite figured out that, in entering a ticketed event, he's not just strolling down the main street of town. It's private property. Even if the taxpayers built it. The owners/proprietors should have the right to set security policy for the good of their property and the people who use it ("we reserve the right to refuse service", etc.). If he doesn't like the new policy designed to protect his sorry a$$, maybe he should just sell his tickets and watch the game at home on his tv.

Oh, no! He'd rather risk everybody else's life so that he can avoid feeling as though that guy in the uniform, over by the gate, was thinking about groping him.

One can only hope that this will come back to bite him on his self-serving hindquarters. And twice to the ACLU and the judge they rode in on.

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