Friday, October 21, 2005

Homecoming weekend at Monmouth College

I didn't register for any of the events of Homecoming weekend at my alma mater, but now I'm wishing I had. I've received word that my blogs on Bill Ayers' impending visit have reached the monitors of a few vocal alums other than myself, and there may be some serious ramifications.

I'd really enjoy a little friendly face-time with people who are equally upset by this Ayers thing. In fact, though, you don't even have to be all that interested in that. The family's doors are open to all alums. If you're in town -- for the homecoming, or for any other reason -- e-mail me to let me know (or, if you know the phone number for my parents' house, please call), & my folks would be happy to have a cup of coffee or tea ready for you. And Mom makes a mean cup of either.

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