Saturday, October 08, 2005

Civilian Morale in Wartime

As I indicated in earlier posts, I'm hoping to continue to run exerpts from the Handbook of Civilian Defense, ca. 1942. Here's today's installment:

Civilian Morale in Wartime

Every American must regard his country's enemies as his enemy, ad guide himself accordingly, for this is total war.

The enemy may attack civilian morale by lies (propaganda) and by sabotage -- fire, destruction, and casualties. Regardless of what may happen around you or what may happen to you, keep cool and don't lose your head.Above all don't be alarmed by rumors and don;t ever be guilty of spreading alarm by repeating rumors. Stop and think before you say or do anything. Circulating false rumors is part of the enemy's technique : don't help the enemy. Wait for official information before believing any report and before taking action in any matter. Cooperate fully with everyone engaged in defense efforts. We can lick the enemy at the first line of defense if we remain cool and calm and strong and alert, and if we cooperate in every way with our fellow Americans.

Avoid feeling "blue" or being mentally depressed. No matter what happens, never give up. Fight all defeatism wherever you may find it. There are certain to be some dark days ahead for us but we must keep alive our faith and confidence in America and in those men of ours in uniform who are out there fighting for us. They won't let us down -- and we must not fail them.

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