Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita Inflicts Fresh Floods on New Orleans

Last week, it was, "Whatever Nola wants, Nola gets". Now, it looks like Somebody Up There doesn't like NOLA.

Is there anybody in the Corridors of Government who is paying attention? Considering the fragility of the system protecting the city, why on earth are they still considering rebuilding it? Do they think it's Steve Austin? It will cost far more than Six Million Dollars to rebuild it better, stronger... drier.

Next question: Has anybody in a position of power mulled over my earlier suggestion, that they let the water flow through the port city, making it an American Venice? We certainly have the technology to build gigantic floating platforms, to hold massive structures. The city of NOLA should be built to survive large influxes of water. Let some water flow through at all times, and let them build overflow channels alongside... and then sell the romance of the bayou inside the city, as well as out in the boondocks.

Aside from the benefit of keeping the water from destroying homes and businesses again (or, at least reducing said losses), it could become energy-efficient, as well. Floating heavy loads through the city could save gas -- think of the old 19th century canal systems across the mid-Atlantic states, with mules pulling massive barges. But we wouldn't have to depend upon mules. We have all manner of creative minds out there... somebody would likely come up with a design that works even better.

But for crying out loud, let New Orleans stay submerged!

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