Saturday, September 24, 2005

Chicago, New Jersey vote system crosses ocean

According to the Beeb, Sri Lanka's Tsunami dead are to get voter cards.

So what? My granddad has been voting Democrat in Chicago area elections since 1975 -- just after he went to meet his maker.

Except that the Asian officials have an excuse for sending voter cards to those no longer with us: the registration occurred before the tsunami, and they have not been able to confirm all the losses. Therefore, they prefer to err on the side of giving live voters the benefit of the doubt, and not disenfranchise any lawfully registered, breathing citizens.

I hope, however, that they use some method like the inked finger to keep people from voting repeatedly, in the names of all their dead kinfolk.

And I hope that, someday, our own system cleans itself up, so that a vote is a vote, and isn't discounted by false positives from the grave.

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