Friday, September 30, 2005

Parents sue university for son's fatal stupidity

This article in the Arlington Heights Post has me a bit steamed.

It seems a Suburban Chicago couple is suing the University of Kansas for not putting enough barriers on windows, because their son removed the screen to his seventh-story window so that he could climb down to the ledge below, in order to smoke, and in the process of climbing, he fell to his death.

Some 18-year-old male student does something that gets him killed, and his parents are suing the school for not protecting him sufficiently. It's obviously the university's fault, because they put the temptation there on purpose, didn't they? They deliberately made anti-smoking rules in some dormitories, so that tobacco addicts would have to take desperate measures to feed their needs. They deliberately designed the buiding to have a ledge five feet below the windows, so that some alcohol-filled pinhead would get the urge to climb out onto it. They warned the students to not remove the screens and to not attempt to crawl on the ledges, thereby guaranteeing that some contrary student would be eager to do both. And, they didn't make the window screens physically impossible to remove, thereby enabling this legally-adult child in his endeavor to be a suicidal idiot.

Of course, the student himself bears no responsibility for his own actions, in this case. After all, he's only 18 -- just a kid, unwise in the ways of gravity.

Since America's offspring at 18, are, obviously, too stupid to take care of themselves away from the control of their parents, we need to shut down all colleges and universities. They're just accidents waiting to happen. Just encase them all in bubble-wrap and store them in the attic, so nothing will ever happen to them.

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