Friday, September 30, 2005

Judge Rules Pre-Employment Test Biased Against Women

Dial Corporation's Armour meat packing plant in Fort Madison, IA, is the latest victim of whiny women and laws which pretend to protect them.

The EEOC filed a lawsuit claiming that a "work tolerance test", which the plant said was necessary to reduce the number of injuries on the job, "has a [disproportionately] negative effect on a protected class." That protected class would be women who can't repeatedly lift 35 lbs or more. Danged sissies.

La Shawn Barber has been gnawing on this same bone for a while, now, especially over the "dumbing down" of tests for first responders. It seems to me, most of the time, she's hit the nail on the head: That's called "cheating" in any other game. If you can't do a job, don't expect them to change the rules to suit you; go find some other game to play.

Whether they're talking about lowering intelligence standards, or strength standards, or any other realistic standards of expectation, the employer should not be forced to take less than the best he can find, and he certainly should not be forced to hire people who can't safely do the job. In a factory, the increased likelihood of injury will eventually lead to higher production costs, & that trickles down to us in price hikes. In first-responder terms, the cost may be in human lives.

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