Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Interesting priorities, the Sun-Times has

While they had no front page space for the article -- or even the headline -- on the death of Simon Wiesenthal (you have to click on the page two "news" link), the Sun-Times had ample room for this news: Plan would add 2 rooftops for watching Cubs .

Gee whiz. There's a proposal for a zoning change -- a week old, now -- that might add a couple more rooftop clubs so fans can watch the Cubs without paying the Cubs for the privilege. They'd pay some restaurateur, or apartment landlord, instead. Hmmm.

IMO, about the field & the rooftop seats --I hope somebody grants permission for Wrigley Field to expand its bleacher walls way the heck up (echoing the "Mistake by the Lake" that used to be Soldier Field), just to block their view.

As to the editorial priorities: Jeez. You'd think the Sun-Times was a small-town rag like the Review Atlas (which kindly prints my weekly columns, at no cost to me), the way it ignores international news in favor of a zoning decision...

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