Monday, September 05, 2005

Blogging for relief

In light of the disaster which has hit our gulf coast, most relief organizations are hard hit for supplies. In response to Hugh Hewitt's call (which has been echoed by the best of the best bloggers, such as Malkin and NZ Bearfor support from bloggers, I'm readying my page to serve. I am, however, getting a jump start on this, post-dating the blog to keep it at the top, since they're aiming to make Thursday, 1 Sept. the day of blogging for relief. Nevertheless, I ask for as much support as you can give.

One of the most-overlooked groups among the needy is the non-speaking community -- the pets and livestock which have been hurt and displaced. If you have any small amount of money to spare, please consider helping the Humane Society of the US.

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My own post aside, please also look to technorati's and , as well as Instapundit, for further linkage and information.

Update (Friday afternoon): The Truth Laid Bear has asked to continue this effort throughout the entire weekend. I am happy to continue, and have rearranged this blog so that it will stay at the top at least through Monday, midnight.

Further, I'd like to add another option for donation to relief organizations I'd like to appeal for you to help: Rampart Search and Rescue. If you were reading my blog below, you will have gathered that I support it because my brother & his family are volunteers in its ranks, and that me bruddah is already shipped out to the area to search through the wreckage for those who are still lost. These people, (not just my bro) are heroes doing some of the hardest, least rewarding work. Please, support them to the best of your abilities. And pray that, against all odds, they find most of the missing are still alive.

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