Wednesday, August 31, 2005

News from me bruddah

My older brother has been spending the past couple of years applying his Coast Guard rescue experience to helping/training a volunteer group to do search and rescue -- and they've been working with dogs for just that purpose. My nephews, too, have helped out, mostly by "being victims" for the dogs to find and save. They indicate it has been very rewarding, all around.

Well, we received an e-mail from him, a couple of hours ago:

"Just so you all know, Rampart Search and Rescue is sending a team down to Katrinaland - and I'll be the senior member of the team. Thrill, oh thrill.

We currently expect to be leaving sometime tomorrow."

You always hear the exciting parts of how their group is progressing in their training, but, in the back of your mind, you're not ever ready to hear that their services will be needed. If it wasn't real before this hour, it certainly is, now.

I'm proud of my brother. But don't tell him I said so.

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