Thursday, August 25, 2005

Step Right Up and See the Show!

I woke up this morning to hear that a bunch of anti-war protesters were marching in front of Walter Reed Hospital, doing their usual big boo-hoo act about how the troops are dying "for Halliburton". It didn't take long to find this about it, at lgf.

It wouldn't bother me so much if they had shown that they'd gotten permission from a number of the injured soldiers, etc., to stand up for them. If some of those recovering soldiers were to come out and wheel about the lawn alongside them I might consider this a valid protest. Unfortunately, it looks as though they simply decided to use a bunch of cripples, as it were, to create a freak show in order to sell their point.

"We support the troops" my Aunt Frances! You cannot strive to undermine a cause and still support those who strive toward its completion. These protesters open their mouths and give aid and comfort to those who would kill our heroes. Were I in the neighborhood, I'd beat them over the heads with my cane.This passage in the article lgf links tells it all:

"But the anti-war activists were unapologetic when asked whether they considered such signs as 'Maimed for Lies' offensive to wounded war veterans and their families.

'I am more offended by the fact that many were maimed for life. I am more offended by the fact that they (wounded veterans) have been kept out of the news,' said Kevin McCarron, a member of the anti-war group Veterans for Peace. "

This demonstration is not in any way showing concern for the troops or their families. It says they don't care if they offend the very people they ostensibly are there to support. This isn't about those people who were so stupid as to follow Chimpy McBusHitler in his War for Oil; it's all about me me me and my feelings.

Beween the use of the unhinged Mrs. Sheehan and the abuse of the injured soldiers, the far left of the anti-war movement, IMO, are so low that it will take them at least a hundred thousand clean rebirths to get them up to the level of slug. Even dog manure on the sole of a shoe has more social worth than they.

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