Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mom of Milan soldier launches petition drive over death benefits

The mother of Sgt Jessica Housby is taking action. She's getting signatures for a petition to change the wording of the silly-a** IL state law which guarantees even deadbeat parents money from estranged children's death benefits.

I think the first thing that should have been included in the Law Blago signed is, "the estranged parent may apply for half of the benefits, after any and all unpaid child care debts to the estate of the deceased by the estranged parents are paid to the surviving caregiver parents [or, to the deceased's estate, if you will]. Any benefits requested to go to the estranged parent may be used first to cover such debts," or some such term.

Okay, I'm no lawyer. the phrasing stinks. But, at the risk of repeating myself, Tony Holbrook did NOTHING to help raise his daughter. He should receive exactly that in recompense for "his loss". Further, the taxpayers should not be forced to reward him for doing zip for his child.

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