Monday, August 15, 2005

A good question from Christopher Hitchens

In his column in Slate, Losing the Iraq War - Can the left really want us to?, Christopher Hitchens asks of our home support for the rebuilding of Iraq: "Question: Why have several large American cities not already announced that they are going to become sister cities with Baghdad and help raise money and awareness to aid [Baghdad's mayor] Dr. Tamimi?"

It seems to me that we could probably do something positive around this, even from our smaller towns -- get info on given Iraqi towns in need of support, and, in the process of helping them, rebuild our own self-awareness and responsibility. Who knows? If we were among the first, it might also help us rebuild our knocked-down local economy, simply because we would learn to believe in ourselves again. I think I'll ask a couple of people I know, what they can do to put a proposal into the works.

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