Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jerry Ballard At Work

Jerry Ballard At Work
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Here is the reason I'm so seldom blogging on a Sunday. Other people go to church, agnostics like me pass by the churches and go to auctions.

Each week, I fill my car with mostly useless stuff, and take it home to turn it into something closer to useful (sometimes, that something useful is just a mountain of boxes for the cats to play around).

Because I'm a regular at Jerry's place, the crowd & crew express concern when I'm even 5 minutes late (it's sorta like church, in that respect). Therefore, I try to leave off with the computer-playing at a fairly early hour on Saturdays, so I can get my beauty sleep (lost cause) before spending all my hard-cadged cash.

If I see something there I think you all will like, I'll take a picture & share it with everybody later in the week.

But until then, wish me some anomalous sweet dreams. I'll send some your way, if I can.

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